How to send coins

1. On your Dashboard, press "Send".

2. Select the coin you want to send.

3. If you are sending coins to another MoneyPipe HD user from your phone's address book, type in the recipient's name or phone number, or choose it from the Address book by clicking the icon on the right-hand side of the text box. Otherwise, enter the recipient's Wallet address.

4. Enter the number of coins you would like to send, or it's equivalent in the fiat currency of your choice.

5. Add a comment for the recipient (optional).

6. Advanced options (optional): You can choose to pay a higher Network fee if you want your transaction to be approved faster by choosing from the 5 recommended amounts by adjusting the slider, or by entering a custom sum and pressing "Apply" if you want to proceed, or pressing "Cancel" if you want to pay a standard fee.

7. Press "Send".

8. A "Please confirm" window will pop up, displaying the amount to be sent, the Network fee, and the name and address of the Recipient. If everything is correct - press "Send", otherwise press "No Please No".

9. The transaction has now been made. You can save the recipient's address by pressing the switcher next to "Save address", entering the name, and pressing the green tick, after which the saved address will appear in the app's Address book. "Show additional details" will display all of the information regarding the transaction and can also be accessed from your Dashboard. When you are ready to continue, press "Done".

10. Success! The transaction is complete and the recipient will receive the coins once the transaction has received 6 confirmations on the blockchain.

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